1. Do I have to set up, take down and clean the fountain?
    Answer : NO we do all the work for you. Included with our fountain rental is an onsite attendent who will set up the fountain, maintain a clean area throughout the entire 2 hours and will take down the fountain at the end of the event.
  2. How long can I have the Chocolate Fountain at my event?
    Answer: 2 hours of flowing chocolate are included in the base price of our fountain. We're happy to offer additional running time at a rate of $25 per half hour.
  3. Who provides the dipping items?
    Answer: Most of our clients don't want to worry about providing the dipping items for their event. We're happy to provide them for you, offering different packages to meet your needs, starting at $1.95 a guest. However, if you or your caterer would like to provide the items that is fine too..either way we'll make sure there is a beautiful display accompaning your fountain, regardless of who provides the dipping items.
  4. What are the table and electrical requirements for the fountain?
    Answer: In most cases we'll need a sturdy table that can support at least 100lbs or more. We'll need your event location to supply two coordinating table linens. We'll also need a space for the fountain that is within 15 feet of a 120 volt grounded electrical outlet.
  5. Can the Chocolate Fountain be used outdoors?
    Answer: Unfortunately, no. We are unable to run our fountains outdoors. We need to maintain a constent temperature and wind, insects and chocolate don't mix.
  6. Are reservations and a deposit required?
    Answer: Yes, we require a reservation (on a first come, first serve basis) and we also require a $150 deposit and signed contract at time of booking.